Which Remedy Do You Need?

2013 close up web smallWelcome! In this weekly Healing Circle I had 3 Energy Remedies come forward who want to assist Circle members.

Each bottle has a different mixture - which do you need? Choose intuitively. Then read what each is for and allow yourself to connect with the bottle and "download" the contents. Simply set your intent and notice any sensations as the energy flows to you. You will automatically get the dose you need.

Repeat with any if the remaining remedies if you feel to do so. (These are not physical remedies - they exist only in the spatial location I have created. They are pure energy.)

I'm Jenny McFadden, Australian Intuitive Healer and Artist, Medical Intuitive, Qigong teacher and Energy Medicine Specialist. I've been in private practice for over 15 years and The Healing Circle has been running all of 2015 for private members, now I'd like to open it up to you to try out, for free. But only for a limited time. Join in below.

All 3 energy remedies are available to you simply through setting your intention to connect to them. You may like to place or hover your finger over the bottle (from this photo or the one below) and allow yourself to receive the frequencies.

Remedy Information

Bottle 1. Communication.

This remedy acts in the area of the mouth, neck, tongue and lips etc and your words. It is a remedy for communication - where your communication channels aren't flowing well and there is frustration due to mixed messages, misinterpreted words or not feeling heard. If you are experiencing arguments or constant mini aggravations with others at the moment you are helped by this remedy.

Where you need to use your voice or speak up but you feel stuck or reluctant this energy remedy will assist to restore and encourage flow.

This could be also be manifesting as toothache, sore throat or coughing, sore lips, yawning or "biting your tongue", also neck issues, stiffness or pain.

This remedy helps release pent up emotion, relaxes the jaw, opens the mouth, relaxes the tongue and helps the breath be calmer.

Bottle 2. Tranquility

I feel nervousness, agitation and changeable mood as well as over excitability and brain over stimulation are all symptoms of the need for this remedy.

If you are unable to relax for any length of time, overdriven and suffering adrenal stress this remedy is for you. It helps release grief and anger.

Breathe deeply, imagine the scent of gardenias (if you like them) as this is a driving frequency in this remedy. Otherwise just receive the remedy - another way to connect is imagine being on the ocean floor where it is deep blue, quiet and deeply calm, way below all surface troubles and waves.

Bottle 3. Cellular Healing

This remedy has frequencies that help the cleansing of old ancestral energies that have been providing a template for dis-ease patterns to exist. Cells that have these old messages are cleared and this allows for a new expression of energy - that is, new growth of healthy cells and opening up of new possibilities.

This remedy provides expansion and clearing away, letting go of old structures.

Guidance messages.

1. Take time to be present today. Select a remedy that resonates for you. If none of these resonate you may have what you need at home already. Notice what takes your attention. Trust your intuition to guide you.

2. There is a feeling that some of you need a specific remedy for a specific purpose. There may be a practitioner you need to see, check within yourself.

In my practice I offer personalised Rose Essence remedies that are very high vibration. Together we create your personal essence as you intuitively select what you need from the huge range - you can have up to 22 different essences in your remedy! Contact me for a session in person, phone or Skype.

I look forward to your comments and feedback. Email me with your experiences or whatever you notice happening within you. Give yourself time to absorb the frequencies.

Like this? Want to become a member of the Healing Circle? You can try it out till mid January 2016 for free. Sign up below. It's free for a limited time only.

Together we are powerful!

Jen xo

Ps. A pic of my original drawing for this session is below. Just thought you might like to see it!?

Hi Jenny,

Wow... amazing... 

I chose number 2... and then read the blurb... i needed number 2, but my mind was blown when i read number 1, so accurate!! Number 3 didn’t resonate with me much...


I have had the niggling cough for months now... and the sore neck... I noticed the cough changed last night, and I haven’t coughed today! The sore neck is still stiff but much better...


Thank you Jenny. That's incredible!!!

I had an amazing day on both Thursday and Friday this week - many people came up to me today and acknowledged me for how different I am today from earlier in the week.

I really think there is some wonderful healing energy going on around me - on a physical mental and spiritual level - which is happening for me right now.

And finally, I am ready to receive it...!

Thank you.


Hi Jen,

It is really so funny that Metaphysical healing works so well with me. Yesterday I played with a deck of cards and guidance told me to look out for an important “download” that was coming. Mmmmm interesting… this morning I checked my mail and found your Remedy email and thought well this could be my “download”. Thinking this was important I tried to consciously choose what I thought would be the “right" number remedy for me. Thought 3 but read the blurb and it didn’t feel right. I closed my eyes relaxed and saw the colour blue. Opened my eyes and saw your bottle drawings and number 1 was coloured blue. I closed my eyes again and asked for guidance. I immediately saw the outline of a blue bottle with a giant thumbs up icon in it. Yep got my attention…..LOL

Many blessings!


Hi Jenny,

First, I felt that I need 2 or maybe 3, but 2 felt stronger and when I read it, it was "BANG- that's me!"

After "consuming" it, I read no. 3 and it made sense because I was thinking about how this stress response is same thing that my father does/has.

At the end, I felt a need to check no.1  and this one was again appropriate because I need to present my current project tomorrow and need to explain to the client what was developed!