The theme for this creative module is Trust, and it relates to the Base energy centre in the Chakra System.

There's more about the Chakra system in the PDF opposite -, what it is, what the base chakra represents, and what parts of the body are affected when it is in or out of balance.

For example, the Base Chakra energy supports how secure and safe we feel in the world and how well we can balance trust versus mistrust, independence versus dependence, and standing alone versus belonging to groups.

Releasing stuck energy in this chakra can lead to learning how to ‘let go’ and to become more active, more motivated and able to move forward.

So if you have felt stuck, unable to move forward, lacking in drive or had problems with the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the bottom three vertebrae, your base chakra will be involved.

You may experience worry, anxiousness, indecisiveness, and isolation due to fear.

You may feel ungrounded, with a depleting sense of self. This frequently happens following traumatic events, family problems, death of a loved one, and major life changes.

If you're having any of these issues then the healing processes in this module are essential for you now.

Enjoy clearing and releasing all that no longer serves you.


Jen xo

Content Outline:

Step 1: Prepare yourself. Watch 5 Minutes to Peace Within Video or listen to the audio. Or watch the Qigong video and practise a few movements to relax yourself. Or practise the 2 Minute Tree Meditation - see PDF.

Step 2: What is Trust? Trust Checklist. Bring your mind and thoughts to what this means to you. There is a PDF in the right hand column that will expand your thoughts and give you some inspiration and get your mind and unconscious tuned in!

How does Trust relate to the Chakra system? For your interest I have prepared some information for you about the Base Chakra: its location, colours, what happens when it is in or out of balance, how to tell if your actions support it and what crystals and essential oils are related. See the download-able PDF in the right hand column.

Step 3. Create your Intention Bubble using Zentangling or Doodle Art! I have prepared a new video of me demonstrating another way to illustrate your Intention Bubble using Zentangle (or Doodle Art). I've also attached two Intention Bubble Template PDFs (see right hand column, there are 2 different versions) you can download and print if you prefer to get started this way. You could trace it into your book or use it as a printed page. AND Go back and look at your previous months Intentions and notice any changes, celebrate anything you've created!

Step 4. Sacred Playtime Activity - Trust Ink Spray Circles. This is a wonderful activity (thanks to Julie Gibbons for the inspiration) and you get the most stunning results! Watch the video for directions and inspiration. You will need some supplies to do this - the Dylusions Spray Inks are best ordered online as they are not freely available everywhere. This site delivers by express post and is very reasonably priced: Lulu Art (click to go direct). 

(NB: You can use acrylic paint watered down a bit or watercolour paint and put the colours into spray bottles - the results are more muted but still lovely. The Dylusions Inks come in spray bottles so its already easy to use. I will be using these inks frequently so you will have the opportunity to see how to reuse them for your investment of about $7 per bottle)

Step 5. How to put your selected Trust Circle(s) into your Art Journal and write in your Art Journal or Art Diary about your experience. Download the prepared PDF which has an outline of the process and questions to ask yourself when you write your thoughts in your Journal afterwards. 

Step 6. Share your experience, your work, your thoughts and feelings with the private group on Facebook so I can see what you've been doing too! You can also ask questions to the group if you are having any questions about the activity,difficulties with media etc.

Start Here:

Step1. Video "3 Minutes to Peace Within". 

This is the video version of 3 Minutes to Peace Within. Relax and watch before you begin. It will help you drop out of your head and into a peaceful place.

5 Minutes of Qigong for Focus and Energy.

If you like, take the time to do this easy Qigong set of movements that will gently stretch and release any physical and energetic blockages before you begin. When your body is more calm and free physically you will feel more at rest, your energy will flow more easily and smoothly and your intuition will open up. Please only do what your individual body can manage. (There should be no pain. Stop immediately if there is discomfort or pain. Gentle movement creates the result.)

Step 2. What is Trust? How does it relate to our Chakra System?

Trust is a fundamental core value. Being willing to trust requires a letting go of fear. When we choose to be trusting we can feel very vulnerable and this can lead us into fear if we allow it. Fear of rejection, of failure, of being wrong, of committing ourselves, of being taken advantage of or being ridiculed and more are all common.....

Please download the 2 PDF's to read more - see right hand column.

1. "Trust. Getting started. Trust Checklist."

2. "Trust - How it relates to your Base Chakra"

Intention Bubble Doodle Art 2

Step 3. How about doing a Doodle Art Intention Bubble!? This video is all about creating another Intention Bubble - review your last set of intentions and see what you may have already manifested! This is a powerful activity. This time I show you how to do simple Zentangling (or Doodling). It's lots of fun and anybody can do it. I've also created a couple of Intention Bubble  Templates (see the right hand column for the downloads) based on the shape I drew for mine, so if you want to download the outline and print it or trace it you are welcome to.

Go here for inspiration: Jenny's Pinterest page on Zentangles and Doodle Art

Step Trust Spray Inks Circle4. Sacred Playtime Activity:

Trust Ink Circles - what you'll need.

Video showing the items you will need for this month's Sacred Playtime activity. (Order the inks online at Lulu Art)

Trust Ink CirclesTrust Ink Circles - How to lather up and create your stunning Circles!

This video shows you how to create these amazingly beautiful and colourful Circles with spray ink and shaving foam. I show you step by step how to simply create these stunning pieces. You won't want to stop! The thing that's important is that you don't have full control over the outcome so you just have to trust they turn out exactly as they should. Keep playing if at first you don't get the effect you want and have fun.

Remember to notice how you feel as you take this time for yourself. It's sacred!

Trust Journal PageStep 5. Creating Your Trust Journal page.

Now you select the Trust Ink Spray Circles that most "speak" to you and I show you one way you can put it all together in your Art Journal. I am using only one circle but you can use as many as you like in any arrangement you want. There are questions to ask yourself after you've finished - notice your processing as you create your page. You'll find them in the 5 Easy Steps - Create your Journal Page PDF. This is an integral part of the process that is shifting and rearranging your energy system and the patterns of light in your being.

Step 6. Share your creation, thoughts or experiences in the Peace Within Facebook Private group.

BONUS: Healing Circle "Energy Activation" Series.

As part of your Bonuses you receive an Energy Activation, a different one for each module. These are unique, powerful sessions of energy, light and information activation that offer immediate transformation you can feel in your body.

What happens during an Activation?

In each session you will be shown how to tune-in to higher frequencies of healing to initiate vibrational changes within your body - that can manifest as physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

What do I do during the Activation?

Sit back and relax and allow yourself to be worked on as Jenny describes the pattern blockages that have been holding you back and, through the magic of visual activation, she moves and shifts patterns to clear your way forward.

You can watch Jenny as she uses her visual intuitive "sight" to see where you've been holding resistance and watch her draw the energy process as it happens.

Will I get the same benefits watching the Activation replay?

Yes. You can watch this session at any time and you will experience ALL the benefits as if you are there live. Every session is different and every experience unique.

You don't need to DO anything, just bring your presence and your intentions and receive the activation. Each activation takes about 25-30 minutes.

What will I notice?

Afterwards, it is extremely important to notice what draws your attention (for eg what do you feel?) Most people report feeling a great sense of calm, sometimes buzzing or energy waves, visions, colours, ideas and often physical ailments or symptoms disappear. These sensations signify change and offer ways to notice the shifts that have taken place at the quantum level of your being.

Is the Activation and outcome always positive? 

Yes. The Activation originates from Divine intelligence and your higher self will receive the shifts and discern what you need, allowing all the benefits that are most in alignment with your intentions and your highest good.

Pure love and high frequencies will help all lower emotions like fear, anxiety and frustration to drop away, helping your body vibrate at a higher level of consciousness where dis-ease cannot exist.

"Trust" Healing Circle Activation"The Spiral, Spinal Cord and Lotus Flower of Forgiveness."

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