Dear Friends,

Welcome! The theme for this module is Freedom and this relates to your throat chakra.

Imagine having the freedom to speak your mind freely, to communicate your real feelings and thoughts and trust yourself to express them safely and confidently. When did you decide to hold back? 

The throat chakra is all about communication and freedom of expression in all its many forms.

The way I have chosen to delve into this theme is firstly to help you clear your throat energy (and all your chakras) is through expressing sound with a "7 Minute Chakra Tune Up" using a chant.

And the second focus of this module is the freedom to express your inner child, to play and be "as a child" with all the healing benefits that come with it.

And so I created some Colouring-in and some ZenDoodle pages for you! Allow yourself to play with your pencils and textas and express yourself through colour as you fully enjoy creating your own masterpiece.

I've made a couple of videos on technique this module - how to use water based textas (markers) as watercolours, how to blend colours and crate a bright background on which to mount your work (if you want to).

I hope you enjoy them. And share your page in our Facebook group - I've also created a new website called Art Journal Crazy and a facebook group of the same name. Come and join me there too!  

Any questions or comments? My email address is

Love Jen xo

Start here:

1. Video 1. Freedom - what's in store? (2mins 34)

2. Sacred Playtime Activity: Colouring-in pages - "Abundant Garden" Colouring In Page Abundance Free 1 Abundance on a Page 2 Colouring-in page final. 

Colouring-in has become a worldwide phenomenon as we've suddenly rediscovered our inner child who loves to play and be creative. You are free to be a kid again, with full permission! To inspire you to express yourself, be free to enjoy  yourself like a kid again and be playful I created two brand new colouring-in pages for you to download and colour. They were inspired by my Abundance series so they carry the energy of abundance as well.    

And here are the 2 Van Gogh painting templates that are for ZenDoodling.Van Gogh Starry Night template final Van Gogh Sunfowers template final






And below is the Greek Octopus Plate template - and my version. I used this template to demonstrate using watercolour style technique. Simple and easy. Greek Octopus Plate final 2015-08-12 15.57.43







I loved what Wayne Dyer had to say about inspiration so I'm sharing it here. The Sacred Playtime activities are designed to inspire you so you can instantly create the energy of abundance.   Wayne Dyer quote on inspiration and abundance     

3. Video 2: Freedom - How to make water colour textas into watercolours, add shading and create a beautiful background.

3. Sound Healing. 7 Minute Chakra Tune Up. 

Be free to express yourself through your voice - hear yourself, strengthen your sound and clear your chakras. 

The audio track below is from Jonathon Goldman, an expert in sound healing. This is his "7 Minute Chakra Tune Up" and it's fantastic! You can listen here and if you like it you can download it yourself to use on your phone, ipad, etc. It is a free gift from Jonathon. I have put the links to his page in the right hand column.

The PDF (in the right hand column) gives you the chant sound you make as you go through clearing each chakra. Using your voice clears your throat area really well which is one of the focus areas of this module.

I hope you enjoy it. I love it.



5. Set Your Intentions

I want to remind you to notice what intentions you are setting in your life? We often expect certain outcomes that are not what we want! So at this moment take the time to visualise what you want in some area of your life.

Now notice how you feel when you do this? If your feeling doesn't match your positive image it's likely what you want isn't going to manifest. If you feel as if "that could never happen" - anxious, sad, depressed, lost, hopeless.... those feleings don't match the happy or joyful or satisfied image of your desired outcome.

Now imagine you want - as if you AREADY HAVE IT. and then notice how you feel? Different?

That's the key to manifesting. Pretend it is already here. Be thankful and let go. Trust that the universe is delivering and watch for signs.

And celebrate!

Colorful fireworks of various colors over night sky
Colorful fireworks of various colors over night sky


6. Share your creation, thoughts or experiences in the Peace Within Facebook Private group.

BONUS: Healing Circle "Energy Activation" Series.

As part of your Bonuses you receive an Energy Activation, a different one for each module. These are unique, powerful sessions of energy, light and information activation that offer immediate transformation you can feel in your body.

What happens during an Activation?

In each session you will be shown how to tune-in to higher frequencies of healing to initiate vibrational changes within your body - that can manifest as physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

What do I do during the Activation?

Sit back and relax and allow yourself to be worked on as Jenny describes the pattern blockages that have been holding you back and, through the magic of visual activation, she moves and shifts patterns to clear your way forward.

You can watch Jenny as she uses her visual intuitive "sight" to see where you've been holding resistance and watch her draw the energy process as it happens.

Will I get the same benefits watching the Activation replay?

Yes. You can watch this session at any time and you will experience ALL the benefits as if you are there live. Every session is different and every experience unique.

You don't need to DO anything, just bring your presence and your intentions and receive the activation. Each activation takes about 25-30 minutes.

What will I notice?

Afterwards, it is extremely important to notice what draws your attention (for eg what do you feel?) Most people report feeling a great sense of calm, sometimes buzzing or energy waves, visions, colours, ideas and often physical ailments or symptoms disappear. These sensations signify change and offer ways to notice the shifts that have taken place at the quantum level of your being.

Is the Activation and outcome always positive? 

Yes. The Activation originates from Divine intelligence and your higher self will receive the shifts and discern what you need, allowing all the benefits that are most in alignment with your intentions and your highest good.

Pure love and high frequencies will help all lower emotions like fear, anxiety and frustration to drop away, helping your body vibrate at a higher level of consciousness where dis-ease cannot exist.

"Freedom" Healing Circle Activation: "Hoolahoop, Sunflower and the Illusion card."

Listen to ......


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