Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the theme for this module which is Peace and Wisdom - that relate to your Crown chakra.

In this module you will find a fantastic video by Tina Turner of an ancient Peace Mantra. Before you begin the Sacred Playtime acitvity I recommend you take 5 minutes and chant with Tina - it's very easy, only 5 short lines - and the vibrational tones of the words (even if you don;t know their meaning) will elevate your consciousness, open your crown chakra and allow you to see beyond the veil of ordinary waking consciousness.

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The crown chakra is associated with your connection to the divine, to those who have crossed over and to the wisdom, love and expanded awareness of your higher self, God, Oneness.

Then the Sacred Playtime activity is an expression of what/who you see when you spend some time meditating after the chanting. I became aware of tall figures that felt like angels and lots or orbs who are those who have crossed over. (More details on the process below.)

I hope you enjoy this module.  Any questions or comments? My email address is


Jen xo

Start here:

1. Video: Peace Mantra - "Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu - an ancient mantra sung by Tina Turner. (I recommend enjoying a couple of rounds! Then sit quietly in meditation with the intent to connect to your higher self and the other realm where angels and those who have crossed over may communicate or appear to you.)

Words: Om Om Om
Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu
Sarvesham Poornam Bhavatu
Sarvesham Mangalam Bhavatu
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

(Origin: Hindhuism, Language: Sanskrit.)

The mantra means: “May well-being, peace, wholeness and tranquility, happiness and prosperity be achieved by all”.

Sing it for peace of all sensitive beings, for calmness and harmony.  More here:

How to connect with your Angels and discover the images you will use on your page: After the Peace Mantra sit quietly with the intent to "see" your angels or others who want to communicate with you for your support, who want to bring you love and the expansive joy and peace of Being as One.

Bring your awareness to the top of your head, relax and allow your crown chakra to open (it will do this just by you have this intention) and allow your whole body to expand into the universe. You may even have someone in mind you want to communicate with (a loved one who has passed, with God, a specific angel or Ascended Master...)

Notice what images appear to you and just allow yourself to enjoy the process. You may receive other images than angels - clouds, trees, orbs, eyes,butterfly, birds, feathers etc. Angels may appear in many forms and likely to be ones you relate to.

Once you're finished make a small sketch of what you saw so you can transfer it/them to your page. Keep the images as simple as possible, simple outlines work best.

2. Sacred Playtime activity Video 1. (9 mins 53). "How to create a fantastic background for your Angels".

List of Materials for the whole creation:  

Your journal; Dylusions spray inks (or other waterbased inks) - 3 colours; rock salt; white and/or cream acrylic paint; posca pens, watercolour pencils or watecolour paint; black permanent texta; white gel pen (Uniball Signo broad is my choice); roll of paper towel.

3. Sacred Playtime activity - Video 2 (8 mins 35 secs). Creating your Angels.

In this final video I guide you through painting the background, placing your angels (or other images from your meditation) on the page and then embellishing the images before finishing off with a white gel pen so your angels and other images come to life. You create an ethereal page full of the energy of divine peace and wisdom.

4. Share your creation, thoughts or experiences in the Peace Within Facebook Private group.


BONUS: Healing Circle "Energy Activation" Series.

As part of your Bonuses you receive an Energy Activation, a different one for each module. These are unique, powerful sessions of energy, light and information activation that offer immediate transformation you can feel in your body.

What happens during an Activation?

In each session you will be shown how to tune-in to higher frequencies of healing to initiate vibrational changes within your body - that can manifest as physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

What do I do during the Activation?

Sit back and relax and allow yourself to be worked on as Jenny describes the pattern blockages that have been holding you back and, through the magic of visual activation, she moves and shifts patterns to clear your way forward.

You can watch Jenny as she uses her visual intuitive "sight" to see where you've been holding resistance and watch her draw the energy process as it happens.

Will I get the same benefits watching the Activation replay?

Yes. You can watch this session at any time and you will experience ALL the benefits as if you are there live. Every session is different and every experience unique.

You don't need to DO anything, just bring your presence and your intentions and receive the activation. Each activation takes about 25-30 minutes.

What will I notice?

Afterwards, it is extremely important to notice what draws your attention (for eg what do you feel?) Most people report feeling a great sense of calm, sometimes buzzing or energy waves, visions, colours, ideas and often physical ailments or symptoms disappear. These sensations signify change and offer ways to notice the shifts that have taken place at the quantum level of your being.

Is the Activation and outcome always positive? 

Yes. The Activation originates from Divine intelligence and your higher self will receive the shifts and discern what you need, allowing all the benefits that are most in alignment with your intentions and your highest good.

Pure love and high frequencies will help all lower emotions like fear, anxiety and frustration to drop away, helping your body vibrate at a higher level of consciousness where dis-ease cannot exist.

"Peace and Wisdom" Healing Circle Activation, "Buddha, Blessings and a Trip to the Cosmos".

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