Dear Friends,

Welcome! This module is all about discovering your self confidence and clearing anything that might be holding you back from expressing your natural state of believing in yourself.

Self confidence relates to your solar plexus chakra.

This module and the processes here have had a profound effect on me...I've noticed a few months later how different I feel about myself and recognising, in a quiet way, my value and contribution and how that supports my self worth.

And I look forward to hearing your changes.

Any questions or comments? My email address is

Love Jen xo

Content Summary:

Step 1: Prepare yourself. Watch 5 Minutes to Peace Within Video or listen to the audio. Or watch the Qigong video and practise a few movements to relax yourself. Or practise the 2 Minute Tree Meditation - see PDF.

Step 2. Guided Visualisation Video: "Healing Your Younger Self and Finding Your "I AM...". This video is a guided visualisation that runs for approximately 15 minutes. We all have had experiences in our lives where we decided to close down our naturally self expressive, confident energy, perhaps through somebody saying "Don't make a spectacle of yourself" or "You're too talkative" or perhaps we shut down through believing we were not loved, unwanted or unsafe. This process will uncover the origins of this pivotal moment of choice and guide you through discovering your 3 word "I am..." you needed at that moment. It's a powerful and poignant moment.

Step 3. Sacred Playtime Activity - "Your Ring of Confidence" Videos. Do each video one at a time so you can find the time to complete each layer.

You will need the "Prompt Questions" PDF opposite to complete the journal part of the Circle (that is not visible - the words are underneath, hidden from view).

Step 4. Write down your Intentions and do a review. There's no video in this module about how to write or embellish your intentions - however, this is your reminder to review your previous intentions and write more in your Visual Diary or Art Journal. Regardless of whether you embellish the page or not, please get them down on paper! We all spend too much time thinking about what we don't want so start imagining everything the way you want it to be!

Step 5. Share your experience, your work, your thoughts and feelings with us on Facebook! 

Start Here:

Step 1. Video "3 Minutes to Peace Within"

Relax and watch before you begin. It will help you drop out of your head and into a peaceful place.

5 Minutes of Qigong for Focus and Energy.

If you like, take the time to do this easy Qigong set of movements that will gently stretch and release any physical and energetic blockages before you begin. When your body is more calm and free physically you will feel more at rest, your energy will flow more easily and smoothly and your intuition will open up. Please only do what your individual body can manage. (There should be no pain. Stop immediately if there is discomfort or pain. Gentle movement creates the result.)

Step 2.  Healing Your Younger Self and Finding Your "I am...".

Guided visualisation. 15 minute video. This is a powerful stand alone process and preparation for the Sacred Playtime activity.

image Step 3. Sacred Playtime Activity: "The Ring of Confidence" 4 videos. Each video takes you step by step through creating this amazing mandala that contains the essence of your "I am...." hidden within it. In the very centre is an image you select that represents you and your energy and it contains a jewel - you are the jewel in the crown! The PDF to the right contains a list of what you'll need. ***You will need to read or print the "Prompt Questions" PDF opposite to complete the journal part of the Circle (that is not visible - the words are underneath, hidden from view).

Step 5. Share your creation, thoughts or experiences in the Peace Within Facebook Private group.

BONUS: Healing Circle "Energy Activation" Series.

As part of your Bonuses you receive an Energy Activation, a different one for each module. These are unique, powerful sessions of energy, light and information activation that offer immediate transformation you can feel in your body.

What happens during an Activation?

In each session you will be shown how to tune-in to higher frequencies of healing to initiate vibrational changes within your body - that can manifest as physical, emotional and spiritual changes.

What do I do during the Activation?

Sit back and relax and allow yourself to be worked on as Jenny describes the pattern blockages that have been holding you back and, through the magic of visual activation, she moves and shifts patterns to clear your way forward.

You can watch Jenny as she uses her visual intuitive "sight" to see where you've been holding resistance and watch her draw the energy process as it happens.

Will I get the same benefits watching the Activation replay?

Yes. You can watch this session at any time and you will experience ALL the benefits as if you are there live. Every session is different and every experience unique.

You don't need to DO anything, just bring your presence and your intentions and receive the activation. Each activation takes about 25-30 minutes.

What will I notice?

Afterwards, it is extremely important to notice what draws your attention (for eg what do you feel?) Most people report feeling a great sense of calm, sometimes buzzing or energy waves, visions, colours, ideas and often physical ailments or symptoms disappear. These sensations signify change and offer ways to notice the shifts that have taken place at the quantum level of your being.

Is the Activation and outcome always positive? 

Yes. The Activation originates from Divine intelligence and your higher self will receive the shifts and discern what you need, allowing all the benefits that are most in alignment with your intentions and your highest good.

Pure love and high frequencies will help all lower emotions like fear, anxiety and frustration to drop away, helping your body vibrate at a higher level of consciousness where dis-ease cannot exist.

"Self Confidence" Healing Circle Activation. "St Mary Magdalene, the Minaret and the Ring of Confidence".

(Follow up: I realised the day after this session that the final pattern change in this Healing Circle , which appeared as a a strong yelllow energy that continuously ran around the outside of the circle, was your Ring of Confidence! Cool! And also quite funny - I love it when I see a direct connection to the whole theme afterwards that I was unaware of whilst following the patterns.)

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