Which Pattern Resonates?

2013 close up web smallWelcome! In this distance Healing Circle session I found 4 different patterns in the energy field. One of them will resonate for you. Choose intuitively, then read the description.

I have brought in the healing frequencies and made them available to you. Your body will uptake those frequencies as needed but you can also "download" the healing yourself.

I have installed healing frequencies within each pattern so you can simply connect with the image and set your intention to receive - touch the pattern image you are drawn to or look at it and open yourself with your intention.

Sit back and notice anything you sense, it may be like a wave of energy, a tingling or a sense of relaxing. Just notice whatever shows up.

Pattern 1. Hanging on by a Thread.

These "drops" represent you waiting for something to happen or for a decision to be made. Like a drop of water suspended mid air you are unable to relax or let go.

There is a lot of potential energy here, ready to move, drop or change. There is a lot of energy weight, a lot of force behind you ready to be used. Right now that energy is in suspension.

Have you been feeling left hanging? Is there a sense that at any moment something might change? It has been difficult not knowing or unable to let go. This might also be a recurring pattern in your life - I say this because I was guided to draw 2 drops suggesting there might be more than one issue or more than one time this has occurred.

Your remedy: I have added the frequency of unconditional love and I am guided to say to you to imagine you are on the ground (no longer suspended in the air) and realise you have choices and you are powerful. You can direct your choices, choose a pathway in your life and be aware you need not be reliant on others to do this.

Where no choice seems to exist move into your heart and give gratitude for this situation, open up to the love you have for yourself, be in this moment and thankful for everything as it is right now (even with all the imperfections).

Now breathe out, then breathe in. And breathe out with a big "ahhhhh".

Pattern 2. Fractured and Broken.

There has been a fracturing or breaking down of some sort that has left you feeling shattered. You may have lost someone through relationship break up or death or the lost something important from your life. Illness, separation or other life trauma is indicated here.

This has been a difficult thing, a part of you as if it has burned up, like the space shuttle separating as it hurtles into space. This may have been unexpected or just plain hard to adjust to and this pattern has not healed yet.

Your Remedy; I have brought in the frequency of nature - green pants and coloured flowers - the natural world as a whole with its rounded and flowing forms. Water is also a healing agent for you. Your rough edges will be smoothed and healed by natural shapes and energies and the colours of nature will add colour frequencies you need in order to balance the colour spectrum in your aura.

St Mary Magdalene showed up to add her energy to this remedy and assist your healing - she is offering the way to move on and feel stronger. With this remedy comes the energy of a puzzle being put back together - pieces that were missing are found and reassembled to be complete again.

Pattern 3. Hiding in the Depths.

You have withdrawn. You are sitting quietly in the depths of the bottom of the ocean, submerged and attempting to be happy and ok with what's happening but you are not living. You may feel as if you are drowning - perhaps too much emotion to handle or being overwhelmed with life.

There is a lot of pressure so you have withdrawn - and that's perfectly OK. Time out is healing. Time alone is balancing. Be aware you cannot stay here a long time without risking losing yourself - you need air, sunlight and sunshine and you need to rise above the waves again.

Whatever you are burying will eventually surface. Don't be afraid to look at it. Recognise your feelings, listen to your inner messages and acknowledge them.

You are safe. Feelings don't kill. But not breathing does.

Your Remedy: Rose Quartz, malachite (both are heart stones) and a frequency that balances circulation and hormones (your unbalanced hormones might be adding to this problem) and I've also added the frequency of magnesium because there feels like some depression tendency here

Pattern 4. Tension, tension, tension.

The tension you are feeling is real. It could be tension that is explosive in a destructive way (such as arguments, betrayal etc) or tension with a new relationship (such as sexual tension, uncertainty etc).

Between you and another there is a force building, it is drawing your attention and it is uncomfortable in some way. It needs to shift and come to some kind of conclusion or resolution.

Your Remedy: I have brought in a frequency that helps to integrate this energy back into yourself. You are emanating tension energy - your energy is contributing to the escalation and it isn't useful to you at the moment. It makes it hard to think or concentrate.

When you tune in to this integration frequency it will help transform your energy, directing it back to you so you may use it in a productive way. For example anger is just energy being expressed a certain way - when redirected or "repurposed" by you it is a powerful force for change in your life. You have the power to do this.

Choose to use your "tension" energy to get something important done, to achieve a goal or manifest something you want. "Energy flows where your attention goes" - so where do you want it to flow towards?

Most likely this tension is in your abdomen or stomach. Direct it up and out through your head or just move it out of your body in the direction it wants to go. Use your thoughts and think about a new desired outcome. Then let it go.

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Jen xo

Thank you for your healings I always relate!


This healing #4 calls me and I relate to an imaginary tho real tension that's been building in a situation where I want to step up and make a commitment professionally and where the other is waiting, ready to support when I show my commitment but has clear boundaries until then!


Thank you I chose no 1. It's very true so I will do what you have written to do. Thank you so much💕


Thank you Jen,

When I looked at the water drops I had a sensation of immediate connection to them and felt a momentary glow around me. I have been feeling unable to clarify what to do but now feel calm and able to make clearer decisions. Thank you.


Hi Jenny,

First, I felt that I need 2 or maybe 3, but 2 felt stronger and when I read it, it was "BANG- that's me!"

After "consuming" it, I read no. 3 and it made sense because I was thinking about how this stress response is same thing that my father does/has.

At the end, I felt a need to check no.1  and this one was again appropriate because I need to present my current project tomorrow and need to explain to the client what was developed!